Be Like Lady Bird

Lady Bird Johnson at Padre Island National Seashore. Photo by Robert Knudsen, courtesy of the LBJ Library

We at the Wildflower Center do our best to honor Lady Bird Johnson’s spirit every day. Here are just a few of the things we admire about Mrs. Johnson, including suggestions for how to emulate her in your own life, and a quick quiz to test your Lady Bird knowledge.



Mrs. Johnson was an inspiring woman. Take a look at our list of Lady Bird attributes and think about how you can be more like Lady Bird.

Be bold: Know what’s important to you and speak it, live it, share it. Set your fears aside. Be you and be proud. Take action.

Be compassionate: Listen to those around you. Practice empathy. Be selfless.

Be visionary: Imagine a better world. What can you do to realize that vision?

Be adventurous: Take a trip someplace you’ve always wanted to go. Try learning a new skill. Take a chance. Explore. Believe in yourself and go out on a limb!

Be generous: Contribute to an organization you believe in. Generosity takes many forms, including giving time and effort as a volunteer and/or contributing in the form of a donation. Mrs. Johnson said you can make a difference by giving “just one iota.”

Be an environmentalist: Believe in the power of healthy landscapes to transform lives. Plant a native flower or tree in your yard or window box; pick up the next piece of trash you see; take a walk, look around and appreciate the landscape you inhabit.

Learn more about Mrs. Johnson here and use the tag #belikeladybird to show your Lady Bird spirit on InstagramTwitter and Facebook! Need inspiration? Check these out.



How much do you know about our Environmental First Lady? Take the quiz and find out!