Media and others interested in covering the Wildflower Center

Please contact the Communications Department to obtain assistance before conducting interviews or creating audiovisual content on site related to the Center. We can help you obtain access and select an ideal location.

The Communications Department provides hi-res images of the Center and its activities for use by the news media. Please contact us for further information.


  • Barbra Rodriguez
  • Public Relations Manager
  • 512-232-0105
  • Businesses, publishers, web managers, film makers, bloggers, educational and other organizations

    Looking for photos of native plants, landscapes or the Wildflower Center to use in your print or digital publication? For information on rates and to obtain permission visit

    Commercial photographers

    Family, bridal, senior portrait and engagement photography is welcome on site. Please see the fee and other procedures on our Commercial Photography Policy page for more details.

    Commercial videographers

    The Center can accommodate videos and photography for TV programs, student films, educational documentaries and the like. All such requests are handled by The University of Texas at Austin’s filming office and adhere to the university’s pricing and insurance requirements. To make a request, visit The University of Texas at Austin’s Filming Guidelines page.

    Note: As part of The University of Texas at Austin, the Wildflower Center cannot be used for photos or videos for commercial purposes, including for advertisements, stock video and merchandise promotion.